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Process and Quality Management

Focus of the solution must not be only the output of the work, but also the sustainability and flexibility.

Quality Management System

MINDTRO Quality Management has been established according to the requirements of CMMI Maturity Level 3. In MINDTRO, quality is everybody’s common goal. In MINDTRO, Quality Management System activity is continuously followed and improved with the employee feedback and emerging technology. Throughout the life cycle of the projects, Quality Management System-appropriate products are produced and with early error detection mechanism, customers are delivered error-free, complete products in time.

Quality Policy

With our legally compliant services, we contribute to our clients’ competitive capacity while increasing their satisfaction, meet expectations of our employees by enabling their development, and continuously improve the activity by meeting the requirements of the quality management system.

By using all resources efficiently, taking into account the standards and legal requirements regarding the effective participation of all employees in the products and services it undertakes, within the current and future wishes and expectations of the customers; The quality policy of the company is to provide timely and complete, to be a leading solution partner in the sector, with a process-based, cost-oriented and continuous development management approach.


Our most important strategy is to produce more than one solution to a single problem with our well-equipped team.


We do not hesitate to use the latest technologies and methodologies that have proven themselves in the world in our projects.



Our customer satisfaction and communication continues immediately after the projects are commissioned.

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