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Software Development Consulting

Software Development Consulting

Correct planning of software life cycle is extremely important since it requires companies to meet the needs of the end user in the best way possible, provide added-value, and maximize their investment output. Software consulting covers the specification of present requirements, putting customer needs into projects, and subjects of implementation of service processes.

Customer Needs

  • Customers need expertise and know-how about software life cycle

  • Lack of knowledge about new techniques

  • Need for project management process or need of consulting for the methodologies that will be used

  • Lack of knowledge about the defined period of service services required to meet the need of the end user.

“The only sure way to avoid making mistakes is to have no new ideas” Albert Einstein

Services and Solutions that We Provide

We provide all consulting services our customers need during the software development process with our know-how and experience that we gathered from different sectors in domestic and international projects.

Analyzing the need and competence of the customer, specification of requirements and validation of conceptual design

  • Applying different methods and processes for project management and product development(Agile, software life cycle management, etc)

  • Project time and cost management

  • Project quality management

  • Integration management

  • Communication Management

  • Consultancy services about software architecture

  • Consultancy services about web and mobile application development

  • Consultancy services about the design of existing or new softwares

  • Consultancy services about user experience

  • Performing risk analysis

  • Choosing control measures

  • Evaluation of control measures

  • Implementation of control measures

  • Evaluation of the results / presenting positive outcome

  • Consultancy and resource-providing about software tests

We complete your team for your project to reach success

A good project management provides the output of the work done with low cost in acceptable time period and high quality.

Know-how and experience about consultancy that we gained from different national and international areas

Our deep know-how about quality, version and configuration subjects used in software life cycle management and project management

Our software consultants that have experience from domestic and international projects

Process management standards such as PMP, ITIL etc

Our expertise about development platforms, infrastructures ve languages.

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