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Software Maintenance and Support

Fast adaptation and implementation

Software Development Consultation

Software development consultation, which has an important place in software maintenance and support, could take 50% or more of the software development effort. Beyond error recovery, it covers services such as performance improvement, meeting change requests, and applying necessary adaptations in the light of necessary technological developments.

Customer Needs

  • Presenting fast and effective solutions for the requests about the products used by end users.
  • Helping products to continue their life with cost-effectiveness and good quality.
  • In the products used by end users and enterprise customers:
    • Integrating issues and change requests into the product in a way that will be integrated into the product while it will be analyzed thoroughly, meet the requests, and will not cause a disruption in the system.
    •  Running pre-tests and deploying after necessary quality control criteria are met
    • Along with a detailed know-how about products, a solid process knowledge about software life cycle and communication experience with customers.

We focus on maintaining the life cycles of the existing products in the frame of Service Level Accord in accordance with the request of our customers with our good quality and innovative approach.

Services and Solutions We Provide

We provide software maintenance and support services by considering service-considered product’s place in the life cycle, present situation of the technology that will be used, end user profile, and expectations.

Meeting the needs about new features or change requests, performance improvement-oriented development

A whole extent of services covering the correction of detected software errors.

Applying necessary adaptations in the direction of the changes the software exists in. (changing database version, changing virtual server etc)

Increasing software safety and preventing detected possible errors before the error occurs.

We provide service that covers the portfolio defined above with our professional software

• Software development
• Software system and solution tests
• Level 2 and 3 technical customer support
• Configuration and version management

We have experience in global product development projects, especially software maintenance and support, and knowledge that has been invested in our institution.

We increase the quality of the product and customer satisfaction by focusing on issues such as optimizing the product life cycle, improving the sustainability and reliability of the product, and providing a cost advantage by switching to a different architecture.

We produce solutions that reduce your total cost (TCO) while increasing the quality and stability of your existing software.

We believe that well-defined methodologies and processes are a prerequisite for efficient and high-quality software maintenance.

Our customer technical support, software development and testing teams are in harmony with each other in the process starting from the customer support at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the maintenance phase, to the accurate transfer of customer expectations to the software development team, to testing the developed solutions in a representative environment of the customer system, and to adding them to the product after obtaining customer approval. We provide high customer satisfaction as a result of working in accordance with all processes and expected quality standards.

We attach importance to the continuous improvement of products and processes by putting innovation at the forefront in the software maintenance support process, and offer innovative solutions by raising awareness in our customers.

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